Thursday, 30 September 2010

The C-Curve!

Interesting art installation at Kensington Gardens by Anish Kapoor. His mirror sculpture is a very creative way of melding art and nature into the landscape. You just have to look at it another way...where you stand on sky and your head is in the grass. I hope to visit this sometime - it'll be around for 6 months. get a preview here

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Enlightened reading!

I've read this book already; Francis D.K. Ching's Architecture: Form, Space, and Order, and even tried some sketches from it before but we were reminded of it in our last lecture. It really is good to pick it up every so often as a refresher or to refer to when looking for answers. I just love his drawing style so much; great clarity, proportion and his teachings are easily understood. He is a master in form. We were discussing 'Planar' (Vertical, Horizontal Ground and Overhead Planes) in our lecture yesterday and below states what Mr Ching had to say on the topic. These excerpts were from his book listed above.

"The floor plane is the horizontal element that sustains the force of gravity as we move around and place objects for our use on it." "…the texture and density of the flooring material influences both the acoustical quality of a space and how we feel as we walk across its surface." "…an important element of architectural design, its shape, color, and pattern determine to what degree it defines spatial boundaries or serves as a unifying element for the different parts of a space." 

Monday, 27 September 2010

1st Day

So this is it! Got a very good opening lecture from Jamie on our final year. Good detail of what to expect and how we'll be going about our programme. At times it was daunting but we're in good hands. I've been in good hands the last few years and it'll be no different now. We all got a good pep talk from was inspiring. Some sketches are planned for this afternoon in the design studio - looking fwd to it! Let's get down to business!