Friday, 20 May 2011

Design Plans 1 & 2 - personal improvements

Here's some images of my 2 design Plans at scale 1:50 - Area 1 and Area 2. The colors are a bit saturated for my shrub/perennial planting but still my best work to date. Not a trumpet blowing statement but just that I've come a long way since my 1st rendered Masterplan at 1:500, even more so my 1st Photoshop exercise at the beginning of the year. As a Photoshop novice at the beginning of the year I think I stepped up to the plate, albeit with still a lot of room for improvement as I need to refine a personal style to make it more 'me'.

The 1st image was Jamie's 1st Photoshop exercise for us. What a great exercise for us-bet no one knew how important it was at the time of instruction. Credit to Mr Allan Liversedge for the guidance and inspiration along the way - the 'wise one'!

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