Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Final Crit display

May 16th now in the history books! The day that we were working towards this final year is now behind us, we survived it. I was totally shattered from a physical point of view but it was an enjoyable and relieving day for most. I was also proud to be part of a very talented class - just looking around the studio gave a sense of awe with everyone's work on display. Compliments to my fellow students - well done!

Yesterday was a bit of recovery - was still very tired on the tube (napped all the way to London Bridge) on the way to work today though. Guess I'll recover in due course. Thought I'd post a photo of my work pinned up from Monday's crit. The layout/order on the wall will be improved in time for the exhibition as the masterplans and design plans will be moved left and in a vertical position.

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